Preorder: Snake Brass Earrings
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Preorder: Snake Brass Earrings

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Brass Earrings
100% handmade in germany
sold as pair

My snake earrings were originally hand sculpted by me and are cast from brass in collaboration with a small family business in Germany. They’re 100% handmade and not mass produced.


Delivery time: depending on country of destination (longer due to Covid-19)

Qty must be less than or equal to 2


SKU: SA-SNAKE-earrings Category:

on pic: beautiful & talented @chamandra_ & @jentonic


details small earrings
smooth, without snake scales
size: 4,5 x 1,5 cm
size hoop: 2 x 2 cm
weight: 6g (one earring)

details big earrings
structured, with snake scales
size: 7,5 x 2,5 cm
size hoop: 2,5 x 2,5 cm
weight: 15g (one earring)


This is a preorder! Production time is approx. 2 months depending on the total amount of orders. I will collect a bunch of preorders and then order them all together. The shipment it without tracking – please send me an email to if you want to pay for tracked shipping.

Please note: One big earring weights 15g so you should be comfortable with wearing heavier earrings. The colour may change slightly due to exposure to air – they get a bit darker. I can’t accept reclamations because of the colour change or if the earrings are too heavy for you. Thank you so much for your understanding!


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