Suntattooer x Saskiatabea – SOLD OUT
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Suntattooer x Saskiatabea – SOLD OUT


Art Collaboration with Suntattooer
Completely Handmade. Limited to 10 pieces.


  • fine art print on 200g paper with the amazing artwork from Maggie
  • with a tiny 23k gold leaf spot
  • handmade polymer clay snake
  • both glued on 4 mm thick wood plate
  • with matt golden ring
  • size 20 x 20 cm
  • with hook on the backside


Maggie is a brilliant tattoo artist from Toronto, Canada with focus on a vintage botanical style. If you want to see more from Maggie you should visit her shop or check out her instagram @suntattooer

Please note: these pieces are yet not ready for shipping! Please give me approx. one week processing time. You’ll get an email notification when your package is on its way to you.


Delivery time: depending on country of destination (longer due to Covid-19)

Out of stock

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Each piece is completely handmade by me, please allow some small imperfections.
The thickness of the snake may differ from the one you see on the picture.

– delivery without decoration –

I will do my best to send out your package as fast as possible. But due to a high request and order quantity you may need a little bit of patience. Thank you!


Additional Information
Frame Color

Gold, Black

Please note: Order processing

I need approx. 3 - 6 weeks to process my orders. International shipping (especially to the US) can take up to 60 days. Messages regarding order status will not be answered - please see shipping notification.
Thanks for understanding!

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